Work can be fun if it is properly organized!

Make it easy and enjoyable by seeing it clearer, more focused, split to smaller pieces and shared with others.

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Project Management

Handling multiple projects of different types with any complexity of sub-projects hierarchy.


Team Management

Any complexity of organization hierarchy from a single person to transcontinental enterprise.

Workload Management

Organize and manage your workload by projects, team members, types of issues and activities.


Issue Tracking

Collect, organize and follow up issues of all types and states.


Time Tracking

Seeing time spending by projects, organization divisions, types of issues and types of activities.

This is how it works

Collecting issues

Standard web user interface of allows logging new Issues of any registered type for any of your projects.

E-mail messages sent to specially set addresses are imported as new issues and attached to projects they relate to.


Plugin for your web-site allows collecting enquiries made by your site visitors and keep them as issues.


Handling issues

Getting reports and graphs

See where the time is spent

AWorkload reports show you how do you spend your time per projects and sub-projects, per types of issues, per activities, per divisions of your organization etc.

See where the load is

AWorkload shows you the distribution of your workload in different aspects. You can browse your loads by projects and sub-projects, by divisions of your organization, by types of issues, by states issues are at and other factors.

See the progress

AWorkload presents you with progress reports on your projects, sub-projects and divisions of your organization. Progress reports are showing different workload the dynamics over time.

See detailed history

AWorkload keeps detailed history of events related to projects and individual issues. You can tell exactly what was going on in the past with regard to any of relevant subjects.

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